Who said negotiating has to be dull? Three more pages of Saving Thanksgiving

I’m trying to buy a new house these days. Let me tell you, negotiating a good price — both for the house I’m selling and the one I want to buy — isn’t much fun at all. However, the negotiations that our early-America heroes Constance and Humility are involved in during Saving Thanksgiving? Those seem a lot more fun.

So, here are the three newest pages in Saving Thanksgiving. As you can see, things are percolating.

But back to me and my house search: What do real estate agents actually do? Ours seem to agree with everything we say, even if it just contradicted something they said three minutes earlier.

The first time we bought a house, our real estate agent was an avid fisherman. Every time we visited a house, he’d check in its basement for odd lures. If he saw any, he’d leave a note for the owner saying he’d be interested in buying the lure from him.

Not sure if the agent did a great job getting us a deal on our house, but I do know he filled his tackle box thanks in part to us.

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