Costing herself some squash? The next page of Saving Thanksgiving

Here’s the next page of Saving Thanksgiving. And, yes, someone finally gets naked.

When I’m at family dinners, at company board meetings or at church pot-luck suppers, people always ask me, “Art, when you’re writing your incest porn comics, why do you take so long to get to the sex? Why, I’ve seen some incest porn comics where mom and son or daughter or dad jump right into bed together on page 1. Why does it take you so long to pull the trigger?”

When my pastor, uncle or company CEO ask me this, I tell them this. The whole fun of an incest comic is the anticipation. Family members shouldn’t be ready to jump into bed together at the drop of a hat. (And, yes, in real life, they shouldn’t be getting into bed together for any reason!) So in my comics, I like to build up a bit of tension. The main characters want to fuck, but they can’t really admit it to themselves. So there has to be some escalation, some reason to get them to commit the ultimate taboo.

Just having a mom start fucking her son for laughs and giggles on page 1? That just isn’t exciting to me.

And then I tell my company CEO to give me a raise, God damn it! How long has it been?

saving thanksgiving 13


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