Ever root for the Grinch? The next page of Saving Christmas

So, in our newest page of Saving Christmas, Sandy makes it to the top of the Grinch’s mountain … and she looks pretty good once she gets there. Looks like her coat isn’t quite big enough …

But, I digress. Here’s my question: Ever root for the Grinch? I mean, yeah, he wasn’t very nice to his dog in that animated cartoon. But it’s hard not to sympathize with him when it comes to Christmas.

I mean, the season does last forever. The stores are crowded. There’s nowhere to park. The radio’s playing those same old Christmas songs you’ve heard a million times. (I mean, how many versions of Wham’s Last Christmas are there?)

What if the Grinch actually did manage to steal Christmas from all those asshole Whos down in Whoville? Would he then have franchised his efforts and trained Grinches across the globe to steal Christmas from their towns? That wouldn’t be so bad. I might hire a Grinch of my own to steal Christmas from my town. I’d be nice if the entire month of December, and most of November, wasn’t a constant reminder that you can never buy enough to have a truly magical Christmas.

So let’s hope that in this story, at least, good things happen to our Grinch. (Of course, I do know what happens, but let’s leave you in suspense a bit.) The guy’s a hero, if you ask me.



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