Putting the Christ! back in Christmas — the next page of Saving Christmas

I always see bumper stickers telling me to “Put the Christ back in Christmas.” But here’s the thing: I always do. I’m always yelling things like, “Christ! How much shit do I have to buy for these fucking relatives I don’t even like?”

Then there’s the always popular, “Christ! Why is this parking lot so fucking crowded on a Monday night?” Or, “Christ! What the hell is in this fruitcake anyway?”

Yes, Christmas is a tough time of year. Lots of stress. Lots of noise. And lots of spending … as a writer of incest comic scripts, I ain’t exactly rich.

But, if we could all receive a visit from the lovely Sandy Clause during the holiday season? That would make it all worthwhile.

Anyway, here is the next page of Dirty Nike’s Saving Christmas. I think the Grinch is about to receive a Christmas miracle.

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