Santa’s busted? The next page of Saving Christmas

OK, so you might have noticed that my posting has slowed a bit. It’s summer, man! Get off my back. I’m spending my days running through the surf, selling lemonade to random strangers and getting mosquito bites.

I mean, really, why do people like summer? Is it the ungodly heat? All the bees and wasps? Those high AC bills? Please, tell me. Because to me, it’s like Bananarama says, It’s a cruel, cruel summer

Anyway, happy to bring some much-needed chill to your summer days with page 17 of Saving Christmas. As you can see here, Sandy and the Grinch are getting to know each other a bit better here, and Santa is wrestling with his own … uh … demons.

And who’s that in the very last panel? It’s Mrs. Claus, of course! So the next few pages? They should be fun!


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